• We manage and fully finance separate waste collection in municipalities and cities in Slovakia according to the Waste Act.
  • We streamline the operation of separate waste collection systems in municipalities and cities.
  • We educate and motivate citizens in the field of environmental protection, waste prevention and proper waste sorting.


Comprehensive services for cities and municipalities

  • Waste collection
    We provide a complete waste pathway from the consumer (citizen) through the municipality and the waste collection company to the recycler.
  • Education promotion
    We educate the population on the proper sorting of household waste.
  • Financing separate waste collection
    Producers finance all collected and recycled packaging and non-packaging waste from households in municipalities and cities, regardless of its quantity, via us, the producer responsibility organisation. This includes paper, glass, plastic, metal packaging, wood, and cardboard-based composites (beverage cartons).
  • Qualified advice
    We provide advice to representatives of cities and municipalities on separate collection of waste from packaging and non-packaging products, but also on the Waste Act.

Financing the separate waste collection

Producers of packaging and non-packaging products who place their products on the market are responsible for where their waste ends up, and therefore also for financing the separate waste collection. They do so jointly through producer responsibility organisations (PROs) such as ENVI - PAK.

We provide a separate waste collection system in municipalities and cities on behalf of producers, so that sorted waste can be collected, sorted, and recycled. As a PRO, we pay the separate waste collection costs directly to the relevant waste collection company without any additional administrative burden on the municipality.

Producers therefore cover the costs of collection, transport, preparation for reuse, recycling, the purchase of coloured waste containers, as well as wages, utilities, and the cost of the sorting line. This saves municipalities and cities money – the more waste a municipality or city sorts out, the less it will have to spend on disposing of the remaining mixed waste. Efficiently designed separate waste collection in the municipality is thus free of charge for municipalities and citizens.

We design an efficient system for the collection, sorting and recovery of sorted waste in cooperation with the municipality or city and the waste collection company. We know how much separate waste collection costs because we have many years of experience in its operation, and we cooperate with many partners in waste management - associations, technical services and waste collection companies.

In addition to waste financing, we are also responsible for education on waste sorting. That's why we organise regular free training for partner municipalities and cities, train teachers to educate school children to sort waste and protect nature and help educate the citizens of your municipality or city.


Expertise and experience

Years of experience and expertise

Comprehensive solutions

Collection, sorting, recycling, waste management

Responsibility and sustainability

A responsible approach to waste

Flexibility and adaptability

Individualised waste management strategies


"The cooperation between the company ENVI - PAK, a.s. and the city of Michalovce started already in 2010. After evaluating the previous cooperation and in accordance with the new Waste Act, the City of Michalovce and Technical Services of the City of Michalovce concluded a new contract in 2016, the aim of which is cooperation and financing of sorted collection in the territory of the City of Michalovce. Although a short period of time has passed since the signing of the contract, we evaluate our cooperation with ENVI - PAK, a.s. positively, which was mainly due to the timely payment of costs for sorted collection, as well as support in educating the citizens of the city of Michalovce. To increase the educational level of children and youth focused on sorted collection, representatives of ENVI - PAK, a.s. trained teachers of kindergartens and primary schools and we also received educational aids and presentation materials. We also appreciate the mutual cooperation with the regional representative of ENVI - PAK, a.s."


"The background and strength of the CSO is important when entering into a future contract, which ENVI - PAK embodies for me . It has professional experience and a professional team of representatives working in the region. They are able to advise, as they understand very well the specific problems of municipalities in waste management. I dare to say that this is one of the decisive factors in the choice of an authorised organisation."


"We have signed a contract with the company ENVI - PAK . The main selection criteria were the long experience with sorted collection, the strength of the organisation as it has large producers behind it, and the ability to pay for the disposal of sorted waste, especially if the volume starts to grow. We had face-to-face meetings, we were interested in what education they can provide for residents of all ages and what advice they offer through their sales representatives."

Nižný Hrušov

"We have signed a contract with ENVI-PAK as the future producer responsibility organisation. The town of Svidník has been cooperating with the company ENVI - PAK for a long time, especially in the collection of separated commodities, and ENVI - PAK has been providing the town with advice on waste management in the town and in the municipalities where the collection of municipal waste and separated components was provided by the Svidník Technical Services. The waste management system in 2016 will be challenging in the context of the new Waste Act. However, we have a waste separation system in place, a collection yard and a composting plant. We expect to recover the costs of the collection yard, which we will be able to use to provide services to the residents of Svidník."


"It was important for the association of municipalities of the Central Liptov EKOLÓG and also for our municipality to have experience with the functioning of sorted collection at the municipal level. And ENVI - PAK has that . It also has a strong team of regional representatives and these are an advantage if it is necessary to deal with a situation that has arisen in a municipality in an expeditious manner. That is to say, having an expert on waste management issues "at hand". For example, consultations after the approval of the new Waste Act, on prepared contracts between the municipality and the municipality, on the Waste Management Ordinance."


"It is important that the city/municipality makes the right choice in selecting a producer responsibility organisation in the first step. Therefore, when concluding the contract, it should negotiate what the actual contract will contain, what costs will be covered by the specific CCA and how much. The municipalities in the 'Clean Liptov' association have empowered the committee of this association to negotiate with the CCA. On the basis of the negotiations, we recommended to the municipalities in the association to sign a contract with the company ENVI - PAK . This is because we have historically worked with them and we know that they have a good financial background and professional experience."

Závažná Poruba

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