07. 03. 2023


OZV ENVI - PAK received an award for the continuous improvement and efficiency of the sorted collection system, which increases the level of recovery and recycling of waste. It was awarded the GREEN BRANDS Slovakia quality award in the Company category.

The producer responsibility organization ENVI - PAK was founded in 2003 by large international and Slovak companies with the aim of bringing knowledge and experience with the functioning of waste management to Slovakia. In 2023, the company commemorates 20 years of successful activity, during which it systematically contributes to the improvement of management procedures to limit the impact on the environment and, in the long term, achieve sustainable development in business. The general director of ENVI - PAK Hana Nováková is pleased with the achieved success and the market leader position that OZV ENVI - PAK has maintained for 20 years. In her words: "behind the company is a success story full of changes related to frequently changing legislation, but also guarantees for manufacturers and municipalities, who could always rely on quality services and one hundred percent service for clients, municipalities and cities".

ENVI - PAK introduced in Slovakia the approach of extended producer responsibility for products and packaging from development to the post-consumer phase of their life cycle. For the year 2021, the company saved 78,747,000 kg of CO2 for the entire system of sorted waste collection, which represents 176,612 saved trips around Slovakia. By recycling waste in the years 2016 - 2021, OZV ENVI - PAK saved 388,240,000 kg of CO2. All the company's services are aimed at economic and ecological sustainability, from the main subject of activity (services in the field of waste management), through legislative consulting, education to social responsibility, which ENVI - PAK is guided by and practices by organizing its own or participating in other environmental events.

Professionally and financially, it supports ecologically interesting projects such as the Lifbee Academy, Biohackathon and the international program Young Reporters for the Environment, which has been operating in Slovakia since 2010. The Young Reporters for the Environment program currently involves 43 countries from around the world, in addition to the European and the United States states, China, Australia, Canada and Brazil. In the sum of medal awards, thanks to several years of mentoring by experts from ENVI - PAK, they are one of the most successful countries in the world for several years in a row.

ENVI - PAK also holds a license to use the registered trademark ZELENÝ BOD for the Slovak Republic. The GREEN POINT system is the most widespread way of using secondary raw materials from municipal waste in Europe. ZELENÝ BOD is a trademark on the packaging of the products of those manufacturers who have joined the ZELENÝ BOD system of the producer responsibility organization for the sorting, recovery and recycling of the packaging product.


ENVI - PAK also supports sustainability through permanent education

ENVI - PAK has been a member of the Circular Slovakia platform since 2021, through which it calls for the need to act in favor of the environment and respond to climate change, which also inspires the private, public and non-governmental sectors. It is also part of the Communal Material Circle project, which is implemented together with the Circular Shield organization. Director of the OZV ENVI - PAK communication department, Katarína Kretter, supports every project or activity that: "contributes to a cleaner environment, a higher proportion of sorted collection, a lower volume of landfilling and sustainability. That's why ENVI - PAK is involved in many environmental and educational activities with an emphasis on its own projects, such as the recent campaign Let's back up, but don't forget to sort or the Behavioral project leading to the reduction of litter."

With the campaign Back up, but let's not forget to sort, OZV ENVI - PAK appeals to people to continue to honestly sort plastic and metal waste, the volume of which is incomparably larger than that backed up, by introducing the backup of beverage PET bottles and cans since last year. ENVI - PAK, together with the Institute of Public Policy FSEV UK and the Behavioral Insights Team, launched a unique project in 2021, the goal of which is to prevent the creation of freely thrown waste. The project identified which behavioral techniques can be used to motivate people to change their behavior.

ENVI - PAK is also a participant in conferences on the environment, for example Enviromanagement, Slovak Climate Forum, Green Management, Obalko and others.

"We are extremely pleased that the GREEN BRANDS Slovakia award was won by the company ENVI - PAK, which has been working tirelessly for 20 years to improve awareness of efficient waste management and provides irreplaceable education in this area. Thanks to a brand like ENVI - PAK, Slovakia is more sustainable, municipalities act more responsibly and consumers are more aware,” said András Wiszkidenszky, regional director of GREEN BRANDS Slovakia.