The quality of ENVI-PAK’s internal processes officially confirmed!
On February 2, 2010 ENVI-PAK confirmed the quality of its internal processes and became a certified integrated management quality system


On February 2, 2010 ENVI-PAK confirmed the quality of its internal processes and became a certified integrated management quality system. In late 2009, processes implemented by the authorized organization for over 5 years were audited and ENVI-PAK received an official confirmation of its quality by being granted three prestigious ISO Certificates.

Despite the great operation of ENVI-PAK’s processes, we felt a necessity to implement and certify management systems in our Company.

The implementation of an integrated quality management system confirmed the effective resource and development planning in the authorized organization ENVI-PAK, and at the same time we have clearly defined responsibilities, powers and procedures to conduct activities and implement processes. The process of obtaining, analysis and exchange of information is highly effective at ENVI-PAK and highly effective auto-control mechanism and controls are in place.

On the basis of the conducted audit, the independent accredited certification organization ASTRAIA, s.r.o. granted to the authorized organization ENVI-PAK three Quality Management System Certificates:

Quality Management System Certificate

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate. The ISO 9001 Standard lays down requirements and elements that are a must of any functional and effective Quality Management System. During the certification preparation process ENVI-PAK has identified processes that are in place in our Company and summarized responsibilities in the field of documentation management, planning, assignment of funding and technical equipment, and formulated procedures to enhance employee competences. We also assessed our contractors to have the certainty that we provide our Clients with services of the highest quality. An important tool that we implemented is customer satisfaction monitoring launched with a survey at the turn of 2009/2010 to be continued in the future. We implemented a system of corrective and preventive measures and we plan to continue our regular internal audits. We formulated a Quality Manual, in which we described our entire system, interrelations between its single elements, and the main responsibilities and powers. Our Quality Policy and Quality Objectives provide a long-term strategy of ENVI-PAK management in the field of quality and specific measures to improve and meet our Quality Policy objectives.

Environmental Management System Certificate

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate. The ISO 14001 Standard lists a number of requirements to be met by each organization that wants to implement and maintain a functional environmental management system. We at ENVI-PAK have mechanisms and procedures in place in line with our Environmental Policy with a long-term management strategy in the field of environmental protection. We have identified and assessed our Company’s environmental impacts, we enhance the competences of our staff in the field of environmental protection and continue to implement correct and coordinated waste management, we monitor our own environmental impacts and we have defined our environmental objectives and ways in which we want to attain them.

Information Security Management System Certificate

ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management System Certificate. No business of today can operate without information technologies that on the one hand make processing of large amounts of data easier, but on the other hand create opportunities for data misuse if it gets in the wrong hands. Due to this reason ENVI-PAK decided to implement the Information Security Management System to increase the security standards in handling our Clients’ data.

The adopted measures do not concern just the potential misuse of sensitive information entrusted to us by our Clients. An important objective is to prevent data loss and to ensure data and system recovery in case of unexpected events (natural disaster, fire, damage of our IT equipment, etc.) The system implementation has reduced data loss risks to a minimum in case of unexpected events.

ENVI-PAK sees the main benefit of the certification in the opportunity to further improve our management systems and to upkeep and to enhance the quality of the services we provide.